From demolition to underwater painting

We carry out a wide range of construction work under water.

  • Cleaning up of residual waste such as tar depositions
  • Ammunition recovery
  • Disposal of hazardous waste
  • Assembly, disassembly and repair work
  • Cleaning, vacuuming and rinsing work
  • Sawing, welding and burning down work
  • Milling and concreting work
  • Lifting / search and recovery operations
  • Demolition and blasting work
  • Core drillings
  • Sealing work
  • Underwater painting, UW-corrosion protection coating
  • Inspection, revision and restoration work
  • UW-digital-video-, photo shootings and documentation
  • Live-video inspections
  • Building inspections according to SIA
  • Optical control of underwater constructions/installations
  • Bathymetric measuring
  • Laying of pipes and cables
  • Placing of buoys
  • Control work
  • Renting of workboats